My Favourite Acupuncture Experience n Dublin

Inner Light Acupuncture and Healing Therapies is a health clinic located in Blackrock, South County Dublin. I visited Deirdre Souchere there throughout my latest pregnancy - sometimes just to relax and boost my immune system, but mostly to help me deal with a rough first few months.

Admittedly, in the history books of pregnancies, mine wasn't diffiult or complicated by any stretch, but I did feel extremely nauseous for six months and it got me down. The last thing you feel like when you are constantly queasy (imagine handling a 6mth hangover!!) is running around after a toddler, working full time and enjoying family life or food. Deirdre emphathised as a mother herself, got to work on me over a couple of sessions (and I didnt even flinch, but rather enjoyed the tingly sensation of the needles as I drifted off into a transquil sleep while they worked their magic). It was calm and refreshing but moreover, I genuinely believe it did the trick.

Acupuncture offers women treatment of a wide range of conditions that may present during pregnancy - even the partners can enjoy a session to help calm their nerves pending baby's arrival. Speaking of arrivals, her induction treatment might just have done the trick. Several days later, at ful term, Lila arrived after only a 2 1/2 hour labour without an epidural.

Deirdre is fantastic and her talents dont stop at Acupuncture. I only recommend my favorite things and she's one of them!

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