Paintings for Féileacáin

Féileacáin, the Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Association of Ireland, is a not for profit organisation that aims to offer support to anyone affected by the death of a baby during pregnancy or shortly after. Their website is

I'm proud to support Feileacain by offering a small gesture for parents who have lost a baby. The paintings are a way for family and friends to enjoy this way of creatively celebrating their little self in a special way.

As so many parents identify, it can be hard talk about the passing of a baby. Paintings have been used since the stone age to commemorate people, so the ultrasound painting captures babies in a really unique way. The paintings can be a talking point for people about their baby, proudly displayed, celebrated, treasured and discussed.

Feileacain is the Irish word for 'butterfly' and in Irish mythology, butterflies, or 'Féileacáin' are said to be the spirits of the departed who return to visit their favourite place and loved ones to assure them they are alright. Universally, they are believed to be physical symbols of the human soul and to me, they encompass a delicate and most colourful beauty, life and regeneration.

The idea for painting Baby Ultrasound Photos came to me during my first pregnancy. I was scanned frequently as wasn’t feeling much movement. Everything turned out ok thankfully!(!), but each scan was so special as we knew our baby was doing ok.

From talking with other parents, particularly those who have lost a child before or shortly after birth, the ultrasound scans are even more precious. The ultrasounds are a tangible memory of the time when the baby was full of life, happily safe and warm in their mummies tummies.

The ultrasound paintings help capture the pregnancy experience and amplify it as art. In doing so, it’s my way of giving back and being continually thankful for my own children.

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