March 12, 2019

I’m Laura, the artist behind QuaintBaby Ultrasound Art (, wife and mum of 3 young kids, living in Dublin. I’m proud to be a brand ambassador of the Paint Your Bump Campaign #pyb2019 to raise awareness of Maternal Mental Health and Wellness.  

#pyb2019 is such a creative and innovative idea to raise awareness of such an important and indeed serious issue for mothers. I'll be painting some baby ultrasounds onto bumps at as many #pyb2019 events as I can get to .. they're so much fun!  As an artist who paints baby ultrasounds on paper canvas, panting tummies is just like finding an exciting new medium to paint on!!

More seriously though, looking after my own maternal mental health during pregnancy and motherhood it's so so close to my own heart.  Here' my own story ......

I can completely relate to the reality that becoming pregnant, going through pregnancy, birth into motherhood is a hugely challenging transition, particularly in the f...

March 29, 2016

There’s some people that come into your life and make a magical impact.. A friend, and the author of ‘Get Crafty is one of them. Irish mum, CrafteaParties entrepreneur & blogger Ali Coghlan is simply inspiring.

Get Crafty is a stunning book - its abundantly colourful and interesting - such that if it only ever perched prettily on a coffee table it would visually wow.,,, But to do so would mean missing out on something a little bit wonderful.

For example, Ali writes to her readers like you are sitting down having tea chatting with her.  She's so natural, creative and an absolute hoot, whether she is hosting a craft party or talking to 'Get Crafty' readers,  Turning the pages makes you feel like you are in good company, she writes clearly and as if she is talking to a friend - Moreover, you'll come away buzzing with ideas.  

Next, Alan Rowland's photography captures this sentiment throughout the book.  Alan has so subtly shots each play...

October 11, 2015

A lifestyle journalist Arlene Harris got in touch with me, looking for some interesting individuals to talk about their "2nd Careers".

It piqued my interest... and not because I'm a publicity hound or I even think about my paintings as any sort of double job (on top of my work as a Regulatory Solicitor with a large energy company in Ireland). I was happy to talk because I hoped writing about my experiences (with a hobby turned small business, and professional career as a solicitor) would inspire others to "think outside the career box".  

No one should feel or act like they're pigeon-holded or worse, stuck, in any job, stereotype or pattern in life.... there's so much out there to explore, do and get involved in. 

So here's the article which features me as the solicitor/baby ultrasound painter,   the doctor turned thriller novelist, the special needs tutor/ burlesque dancer and other interesting people...  Enjoy 

Link to Full Article (free sign up required for full access): 


October 10, 2015




Féileacáin, the Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Association of Ireland,  is a not for profit organisation that aims to offer support to anyone affected by the death of a baby during pregnancy or shortly after. Their website is 


I'm proud to support Feileacain by offering a small gesture for parents who have lost a baby.  The paintings are a way for family and friends  to enjoy this way of creatively celebrating their little self in a special way.


As so many parents identify, it can be hard talk about the passing of a baby. Paintings have been used since the stone age to commemorate people, so the ultrasound painting captures babies in a really unique way. The paintings can be a talking point for people about their baby, proudly displayed, celebrated, treasured and discussed.


Feileacain is the Irish word for 'butterfly' and in Irish mythology, butterflies, or 'Féileacáin' are said to be the spirits of the departed who...

August 21, 2014

Thank you to everyone who voted for me to win Mums & Tots Magazine's Mumtrepreneur of the Year 2014. I'm so happy to share that after not only making it to the Final 5, I won!!!! Hand on heart, Im just over the moon and delighted to have all the support I do from my husband, family, friends, clients and the Mums & Tots readers. A big sincere thank you x Love Laura 

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