October 11, 2015

A lifestyle journalist Arlene Harris got in touch with me, looking for some interesting individuals to talk about their "2nd Careers".

It piqued my interest... and not because I'm a publicity hound or I even think about my paintings as any sort of double job (on top of my work as a Regulatory Solicitor with a large energy company in Ireland). I was happy to talk because I hoped writing about my experiences (with a hobby turned small business, and professional career as a solicitor) would inspire others to "think outside the career box".  

No one should feel or act like they're pigeon-holded or worse, stuck, in any job, stereotype or pattern in life.... there's so much out there to explore, do and get involved in. 

So here's the article which features me as the solicitor/baby ultrasound painter,   the doctor turned thriller novelist, the special needs tutor/ burlesque dancer and other interesting people...  Enjoy 

Link to Full Article (free sign up required for full access): 


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