May 20, 2014

Here's the link to one of my favourite ideas  I came up with, with my friend and fellow mum Ali Coghlan,  in between our pregnancies. Seeing as QuaintBaby was set up to capture the magic inside the womb during this time, this little idea (of creating a DIY 40 week bump t-shirt you mark off each week and photograph) seemed rather apt to share on to capture the external wonder of pregnancy!

Its great fun to make and photograph, super easy, and it makes a great photo collage to look back on once baby arrives.  

Enjoy this idea for a DIY 40 Week Baby Bump T-shirt! 


May 5, 2014

Here's a little quirky piece I made for a blog I co-write Colour and creativity come from many places, so why not upcycled bottle tops. Check it out here! 

May 5, 2014

Inner Light Acupuncture and Healing Therapies is a health clinic located in Blackrock, South County Dublin. I visited Deirdre Souchere there throughout my latest pregnancy - sometimes just to relax and boost my immune system, but mostly to help me deal with a rough first few months.

Admittedly, in the history books of pregnancies, mine wasn't diffiult or complicated by any stretch, but I did feel extremely nauseous for six months and it got me down. The last thing you feel like when you are constantly queasy (imagine handling a 6mth hangover!!) is running around after a toddler, working full time and enjoying family life or food. Deirdre emphathised as a mother herself, got to work on me over a couple of sessions (and I didnt even flinch, but rather enjoyed the tingly sensation of the needles as I drifted off into a transquil sleep while they worked their magic).  It was calm and refreshing but moreover, I genuinely believe it did the trick. 

Acupuncture off...

May 5, 2014

Im delighted to be asked to write a piece on my Mum for the Evening Herald newspaper in Ireland. It's all about 'Advice Your Mum Gave You' and how its helped mumtrepreneurs like me to follow our dreams and be who we are.  I painted this piece for her as a thank you on Mothers Day for being the best Nana (grandmother) to my girls - they adore her and she's so generous with her time and love for them. I wont give away too much, but will post the article when its published! 

May 1, 2013

In a rather busy home, with noisy little daughters and a delightful collection of clutter, I decided this would be my virtual place to relax, share nuggets of thought, honest recommendations and note things that inspire me.

Its also my way of openly expressing & mindfully cementing a moment of my day to give gratitude. For instance, to thank to all the wonderful people who've helped me setting up QuaintBaby this year. I'm overwhelmed. 

First and foremost, its ALWAYS about family. ALWAYS. There's no words to do justice to how much I adore mine - perhaps thats why I paint. 

Oh.. and I didnt actually paint them!! I woke up one morning to find my husband painting pictures with Adelaide at 6am  ..which apparently turned into them painting each other. Sure why not! 

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