Re: QuaintBaby Art Paintings 

"I wanted to thank you again for your amazing gift. I have not stopped staring at it all day today. It is honestly so beautiful. You offer an amazing product,  so personal and so special for all new parents. It means so much for me to have it now as such a gorgeous momento."   KT (Ireland) 

"Just incredible" Norah Casey, Businesswoman, (Ireland) at Woman's Way Beko Awards 2018 


"Thank you again for your time, attention and love you gave our paintings! " CB ( USA)


" I am SO EXCITED to give it to my sister. ... this is my way of showing her that - we adore her and her little bundle more than anything. Thank you so much for doing such beautiful work. This painting will bring so much happiness and meaning to my little sister. And she is such a gorgeous person - she really deserves it." Z (Australia) 


"Oh my goodness I just got [our] painting and I am IN LOVE with it. You can tell it's her immediately!! What an amazing, lovely piece." TG (USA) 

"Oh Laura, wow! Absolutely loving everything about them! I’ve got chills! Amazing choice of colours! Thank you" EB (Ireland)

"..thank you for the paintings - they are lovely and add a pop of color to the bare beige walls of my bedroom :). My boys like pointing at them and saying "That's a baby!"​" ML (UK) 

Re: QuaintBaby Art Gift Vouchers 

“OMG .. i just received your amazing gift today. What can I say!!!  Its just so class. Such a special gift to get. We both sssoooooo love it. never heard of something like that but i really love it. Thanks so so much. So good of  ..Can't wait to have it done up now." MK (Ireland) 

"I would highly recommend Laura and Quaint Art! My husband's work mate gave us a voucher for Quaint Art when we were expecting.  We both love art so we were thrilled with the gift. We had never seen or heard of such an original and unusual gift before. We loved the idea of a bespoke piece of art for our daughter. ......We were blown away by Laura's original work. The website gave brilliant samples of the variety of styles and colours however i feel seeing the finished products mounted and framed really had the 'wow' factor!! They were GORGEOUS!" AMcB (Ireland) 

"What an absolutely beautiful gift!!!! Thank you so much.. I had little tears when I opened it. Really really thoughtful and unexpected. Thank you xxx"   Anon. Gift Voucher Recipient (Ireland) 

Re: Angel Baby Paintings


 “I just got the painting and want to say thanks again to you for capturing the memories”  TS (USA) 

"Thank you so very much for this wonderful gift we will be giving to [mum & dad of the babies). I know they will cherish these paintings and little Aubrey will forever live in their hearts." KJ (USA) 


" My beautiful little girl, full of colour and life. You will never know the importance and the joy of the gift you have given me, words will never be able to express how much it means to me to have these portraits of my little star Réailtín. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. .... I am absolutely blown away by how beautiful they are, so full of colour and so full of life, just as she was. Thank you so much for this beautiful gift you have given me, my beautiful daughter's portrait in beautiful colours, not in black and white anymore.. Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you."     JK (Ireland) 

"Thank you so very very much for the beautiful painting of Eloise that you did for us. We absolutely love it and are so grateful for anything 'new' and 'alive' of her.  You have an incredible gift; thank you for sharing it with us." MC (Ireland) 


"The gift you gave our family is beautiful and peaceful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You created a stunning, beautiful, warm and loving representation of our son- you gave us all we have left of him. My daughter, Penelope (3), says "Look, mama, the baby in your belly" and I think it's helping her understand a little bit better. Your kindness through this process was much appreciated. May you continue to bless other families with your talent and grace."   MP (USA)

"Thank you so, so much for this - and the sweet card from you and your daughter was just lovely. Thank you again. It will be such a special painting for them to have and to show [our angel's] little sister one day." RK (UK)   

“Thank you for your email. I actually saw the article last night through the Feileacan link...we love the painting and it helps us talk to [our daughter]  about her [siblings] and make the memory real for me. Sometimes it feels as if they never really existed as no-one outside our family really mentions them other than my closest friends. It's lovely to have them above our bed as a reminder and close by us. .. I certainly would recommend you to anyone in similar situations to our own.”   OMcN (Irelad) 


“The art you create is a perfect tribute, just what I've been looking for. ...My daughter.. was excited for her little brother and every day we answer her question "Where is my baby brother" with various answers, distractions and white lies. If we can point to his photo and say, he's right here, maybe, maybe she will see him and find peace in that. Maybe I'll find peace in that.” Anon 


“This baby was so special to us, but only survived for eight weeks... It was so completely devastating, but a beautiful picture would be sweet reminder of the short time I got to experience the beautiful life inside of me.”  Anon 

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