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About Laura


Laura Steerman was born in Ireland and she lives in South Dublin, Ireland with her husband, Matt and three young children and cat Oreo.  For over a decade Laura was a Lawyer advising Ireland’s National Energy Regulator among others on European and Irish Energy Law and Regulations.  Though she painted and blogged art and craft tutorials for a children’s craft party company, various newspapers and magazines, her creative side was for the most part squirrelled away. 


It wasn’t until she experienced reduced movements on her first pregnancy that she was drawn to painting her daughter’s ultrasound photo. The ultrasound photographs she treasured were too small to hang on a wall, too blurry to frame, and the colours didn't seem to do her children’s joyful disposition justice. It seemed a shame to tuck them away hidden in baby books. With a love for creativity, art and colour, painting each of her children's ultrasound photos into vibrant artwork came quite naturally to Laura.


In 2018 having had her third baby, Laura gave up her successful career as a Solicitor to fulfil her dream of working flexibly for herself around family life as an artist... and hasn't looked back. QuaintBaby Art became her hobby before becoming a small Irish business that grew organically through word of mouth, then went viral online. 


Laura's vision is to create beautiful, meaningful and unique artwork from your baby’s ultrasound scans, for clients all over the world. Her ultrasound paintings celebrate & commemorate all babies, families, pregnancy and parenthood. Each painting is bespoke because it is inspired by you and tells a story. After all, it's your baby, your masterpiece! 

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