"No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you.

After all, you’re the only one who knows the sound of my heart from the inside "

― Kristen Proby, Fight with Me

I adore this quote.. to me it sums up that emotion seeing your baby in an ultrasound for the first time. The months that a baby grows inside its mother is a very special time. Like each baby's personality and fingerprints, every pregnancy, fetus and baby are entirely unique... And one that can be beautifully captured as a piece of ultrasound art to visually revisit time and time again. My baby ultrasound paintings are created to celebrate & commemorate all babies, families, pregnancy into parenthood. Each piece aims to capture the experiences, the magic and baby's personality. Each piece is inspired by you to tell a story.. after all, its your baby, your masterpiece! 

QuaintBaby Art is literally my 4th baby. It's a sole trader small art business with a personal approach,  based in Dublin Ireland but open to clients worldwide. All paintings are handpainted originals created with acrylic paint at my home studio or often my family's kitchen table. 

About Quaint Baby Art 

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I'm Laura, born in Ireland and now living here after some time spent travelling & studying abroad, with my husband, cat and three children ages 7,5 and 2yrs old. For a decade I was an Energy Regulation Solicitor (Attorney) before deciding to follow a passion to paint and stay at home with my children  by working flexibly for myself as an artist. 


The idea for Quaint Baby bespoke ultrasound art hatched from my pregnancies with my own children. After several health scares with my first baby, she was scanned regularly. Things turned out ok thankfully, and I felt the ultrasound photographs I treasured were too small to hang on a wall, too vague to blow up and even the colours didn't seem to do her joyful disposition justice. It seemed a shame to tuck them away in baby books. It was my love of art and crafts that drew me to painting each of my children's ultrasound photos... and it went from there quite organically through word of mouth. 

I truly love what I do. Each piece is unique because its your baby, but also made with enthusiasm, time and care dedicated to it.  In painting your baby's ultrasound photo, I promise to bestow something special you and baby will treasure for years to come. 

About Laura Steerman 

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Q-  Do you create original paintings or prints? 

All baby ultrasound paintings for clients are hand-painted originals by me at my kitchen table in Acrylic Paint. You receive an original piece of art - not a print.  I do not make prints for sale of your artwork. (A print is essentially a good quality photocopy by a professional print-maker of an original painting, and many prints of the one painting can be made, that is why they may be cheaper to buy than purchasing an original piece of art). 

Q- Do you paint 2D, 3D /4D scans? 

I primarily paint 2D scans and in special situations on request can paint 3d or 4d scans though this is a more complex time consuming process with more abstract results. 

Q-  How long does it take to paint a QuaintBaby Art Ultrasound Painting?   

As all paintings are hand-painted originals by me, it can take a few hours to complete a painting usually over a couple of days. To keep things fresh, I might work on several commissions and art pieces at once, dipping in and out of each.  It is not so much the physical act of painting that takes the time. A lot of time can be spent by me deliberating over what next to add to a painting or remove. We will also spend time collaborating and you can review 1-3 photos of works in progress. I refuse to rush any and give each one the time care and attention I did when this was my hobby and I was only painting two or so a month. They're each too special! If changes are required this will also take time. My schedule can vary around family life, and usually I paint from 9-1pm each day. 

Q-  Do you paint the exact scan image? 

Yes and no. I start by painting an outline of the baby and womb shapes in the scan on canvas. I then add layers of colour and detail - embellishing the key features and adding some unique artistic elements.  I paint in an abstract style which means that I do not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead use shapes like dots, swirls etc., colours, forms and gestural marks to achieve its effect.  My aim is that a client will know their baby in the painting from the ultrasound chosen for me to paint, but the painting may vary from the ultrasound somewhat because of my painting style. 

Q -  Can you combine images from several scans?  

Yes this is possible at no extra charge.  It is a popular option with clients when I am painting their twins or triplets as the babies may be separately photographed, and early scans usually show their positions. Some clients love a wave captured in one photo with the body or face profile in another - they can easily be combined in the artwork. 

Q-  Is it an additional cost to paint more than one baby in a painting (e.g. family, or twins)? 


Q- . Why might you not get back to messages/ emails straight away?  

I do not work full time and try to put my phone away whenever my family / friends are around. In addition to time differences.  Often I get dozens of emails at once, and messages through facebook, instagram etc. Each will be answered in order, but it may take me a while to get to. Please do not hestiate to follow up with me or prompt me to reply/ give an update if you have not heard from me within a few days  

Q-  Do your prices include Customs Fees?  No. I am not responsible for the payment of import charges or customs fees where they apply e.g. Switzerland. Clients receiving paintings are responsible for these fees. 

Q- Can I pay by bank transfer or cash?  

Yes this is possible however I recommend using Paypal as it is safe and secure for us both and helps me stay organised with my accounts. 

Q- I need a painting ASAP - is this possible?  

Please get in touch. If you have a deadline or special date that you need the painting by please state this in the order form. I can take on a few priority orders each month for a small additional fee. Express or Courier shipping is available - I simply pass on the costs of shipping and please note these are more expensive options. 

Q- Can you help me with colours and style inspiration for my painting?  

Yes of course. Happy to!  You can also get inspired by my Pinterest Page here ( where I keep lots of colour combinations and inspirations for paintings. 

Q - Do you gift wrap paintings?   

Yes on request for a small additional fee. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

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